Tyndall Capital - Fintech Innovators

Arranger, and manager of crowdfunding, peer to peer/marketplace lending platforms and risk assessment models.

Peer to Peer or Crowdfunding trading

Enabling investors to buy and sell loan parts from the same provider or others on a transparent and safe platform

Loan Exchange
Marketlend Place Lending

Peer to peer solutions or marketplace lending solutions where investors participate in fractions to lend to online borrowers

Risk Analysis Models - Risk Assessment Intelligence

Customisable Credit Risk analysis models using algorithms and multilayer assessment.

Investment Credit Risk Analysis
Direct access to capital market investors

Investors participate in fractions of loans to borrowers in an auction for the loan and obtain strong financial returns with loss protection and insurance.

Access is direct for the borrower – cutting out the middle man

What are clients saying

“it was simple and transparent, they have made a big difference to our bottom line”

What are clients saying

“Thank you again to Leo and his team, we sought direct access to investors and balance sheet solutions, and they delivered in spades”